Friday, January 9, 2009

Israel Strikes Gaza

A lot has been said and shown about the recent Palestine attacks on the gaza strip of late. It seems almost impossible to decide which of the two are correct on killing civilians. The Israel army says its attacks are justified because the hamas militants have been attacking the south of Israel with home made rockets for the past 2 years. the people of the gaza strip say it fires rockets because the Israel has taken over its country, a very small one for that matter, for the past 40 odd years.

Although the Israel government says it desires to bring an end to the militants and not kill civilians it tends to forget the rockets which it is launching by great numbers daily tend to not have the ability to differentiate between civilians and militants. HENCE BOTH END UP DEAD.

The government has a simple job of asking its military section to start attacking its adversary country. The military also has a simple function of boarding air planes and launching war heads on the adversary which is not half as competent in war tactics and equipments and military forces to be a opponent on the same stand. In this case that adversary is the gaza strip.

But it is said that there is no man in gaza who is a civilian. All of them are militants. Only the civilians are the women and children who are being killed there. The fault also lies upon the people of gaza to provide the perfect breeding enviornment for the flourishment of the militants.

One should for a moment stop thinking about which war waging side is right and which is wrong. We should now give peace a chance.

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