Wednesday, November 11, 2009

George Mallroy In Me.

For people who don't know me i state publicly for the first time, I am a vegetable. At least resemble one in more than one ways. I believe sports and physical activities are not for me. The person i hate the most is the person moving in the ground with a whistle around his neck. This is my point of view toward any activity that requires one to move about. But things were going to change...

Yesterday i visited Jog falls.A waterfall near karnataka,India. It was my first trekking expedition of my life. I loved It. Period.

The vista was brilliant as is the case with all most all waterfalls in the world. But what was different was one had to climb down 1200 steps down to be at the place where the water hit the rocks. I could envisage standing 6 Kms above ,The scene would be brilliant down below!!I by some divine intervention decided to embark on that journey. Asi started climbing down the wind statred to get chilled and the scenery more brilliant.

To cut the long story short when i reached the rocks below i felt nirvana. The rocks were slippery and there were people who were slipping and falling all around me. It was quite a difficult task for one to counter the algae, water and the rocks all the same time. Although a novice i want to believe that i did quite well as i ceased to fall even for a single time. The trip back up sapped every last molecule of ATP that was present in my body. I was dead tired by the time i reached back to the top.

But then if given an option to reconsider the decision of walking 12 Kms i would personally make the exact same choices that i had made then. Perhaps there is a trekker in me hiding away. That is what i like to think anyways!!!

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Yogi said...

I think u lost ur count, bro! It was 1400 steps.
After reading this, i can say - You did well!