Friday, February 5, 2010

When Love Failed.


She was alone. The desolate hallways outside Haunted her. The eerie wind blew outside the windows which were dressed in dirty, crass curtains, which in turn danced to the music of the wind. A wave of applause reached her ears occasionally as a group of youngsters enjoying a ball game at the end of the alley made their presence felt. She had been a great fan of the game and had not missed a match since she was 18. She was now 24. She waited for the nurse to arrive. She had trepidation but Love triumphed over it. She waited for the surgery to begin so that Michael's pain would cease.

(The girl named Margaret waited for the doctor to perform a kidney transplant. Margaret's kidney would be transplanted onto Michael, her 1 year young love ,whom she first met at the New-york university.The surgery was to succeed eventually and on 18th April 2008, Michael is discharged from the hospital. 36 days after he was put into the life support system)


She was alone. She was no more afraid. She was reminded of the holiday celebrations she had had. She had enjoyed every one of them. But on this Christmas eve she was sure she would be more happy than ever before. She was going to celebrate this Christmas in heaven.With god. She placed her head on the pillow and allowed the memories to begin their blitzkrieg...

The nurse who held her first---The Mother whom she loved the most---The Polka dotted skirt her father brought on her 5th birthday---The college and the graduation night---Her first time in the back of a Volkswagen!!---Her mother's tears when she was leaving for NY---The new flat and her first time outside her home---Michael and their love, memories and her dreams---DEATH.
She closed her eyes as two streams of tears tickled down her rosy cheeks. With a smile on her lips, and pain in the heart, she died...Two hours before she would have seen her 25th Christmas.

(On account of the transplant her kidney failed her. Infection developed within weeks of the surgery. Michael, then hale and hearty, left her. He supposedly could not bear the burden of living in a sense of gratuity for his life. Margaret let him go without a hint of anger or despair. The decision was hers and she wanted to live and die by it.Die she did, a painful and a lonely death.
Love tests humans in ways unimaginable. The endurance of human spirit and heart has victor-ed since time immemorial.This is a true life story recited to a friend of mine when he was working in the collections department of a call center. She had 1000$ due. A sum she had borrowed so that she could get herself admitted for the surgery. A sum she had borrowed so that Michael could live...and eventually ,so that, she would die.)

Was Margaret foolish to have placed such trust on a boy she had just met?
Was Michael a devil for having left Margaret when she needed him the most?
Was it God?Was it the Cupid?Was it fate?
We shall never know!!!
May her soul rest in peace.


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