Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The decade gone by.

10 years of my existence, which i regretfully failed to live. A decade gone by, which shall never return. A flashback of a man who could have done better.

2001---Earthquake rippled the streets of my city. As buildings collapsed around I a child stood and watched in awe. Mother nature’s way of telling me she did exist, and she was violent, She did make a difference. Tears, death and blood are better kept away from this post. (Gujarat earthquake)

2002---Man shows he is not far behind. Riots kill a half a million men and women and children. I stay put at home, watching from my terrace, one community killing and burning the other. Why? She was the “other” caste. I get a bit bolder. Mature. Unforgiving. I am all of 17 years and I already know casteism by heart and that I belong to the “majority”. Shame ran in the veins, tears in my eyes.(Communal riots)

2005---I break my back bone into 4 different pieces. A 19 year old, bed ridden for 6 months. The ability of his to go through the pain and endure it would again be best neglected from this post. Pain, had a definitive new meaning. “Emotions” and “feelings” and “relations” at the age of 19 started becoming tertiary. A teenager had grown old too fast. Pain, a lot of it, held his hand. Harry potter was a consolation.(The disc that slipped)

2006 --- Engineering was the name of the degree. A boy with a scared thread around his shoulders enters a city of alcohol, women and drugs. History stands testament to what that city did to him. Meat then a curse, now a necessity. Momma’s boy was now daddy’s curse.(The love i lived)

2010--- Humor was hate, love, lust. The least spoken about this year, the best. Friends were lost, enemies were made. Shriram Ramesh was re-born. A management degree and a offer letter in hand he stares at a decade which would most probably see him a committed loving father. Despise and disrespect don his being as he knows the battle has been lost.
Chocolates replaced Mint, fruity, alcohol, lollypops, cigarettes. Life did a 720 then, he waits the next decade. And promises this one would be better than the one which passed him by. I am not the man I am because of what I chose. Life moulded every inch of hate and love into my body. God create the casting, life did the filling.

Travelling on the pillion with dad no longer is a reality. Eating from Mom’s hands a distant dream, Grandmother a memory, Backstreet boys a insult. 2011-2021 here I come, with me a wife and hopefully/probably a kid.


A-Jester said...

You forgot
2005: Had a bloody good time

A-Jester said...

2010: Still people remember the bloody good time... of 2005

RAJYASHREE DUTTA said... i already said in FB, u really ve sum well portrayed thoughts...keep it up.........n yup, do write more...