Monday, January 26, 2009

A curious case of a pin code.

Indeed a very curious case happened with me today. I had applied for an bank account some months banks and by the time i got the account number and my atm pin code it was almost a month. Then i had some traveling to do, some exams to appear and some beer bottles to down. And in the midst of all these i somehow managed to forget my password as well as misplace my documents from the bank which stated my pin code both alphabetically as well as numerically.

I felt i remembered A 3, A 7, A 9 and A 1 somewhere in the code and for the next 3 months i had tried out all permutations and combination's possible with the 4 digits, and more. It simply did not work out.

Hence now i decided that to keep the account alive i would atleast deposit some money in it so that the account does not expire. Hence i deposited 400 bucks in it the next day(i somehow remembered to write down the account number on a piece of paper and keep it in my wallet but nothin on the paper mentioned anything about the pin code).

Now after me having deposited the money, we fast forward 2 months, to today's date.It is said the best ideas come to man when either he is smoking or when he is the loo. I was doing both incidentally today morning. And like a bolt of lightning from no where i realised i had saved my pin in my sim card's memory when i had received the pin. So i ran out of the loo and when i looked into the matter i did find my pin saved there.

The next thing i did was i put on a t-shirt wore tracks(i forgot the underpants, which i did not realize until it was too late) and ran to the nearest atm. When i entered the pin, to my pleasantest surprise, i found it worked.

And that is not the end of the story. I found the money in my account had tripled almost, to 1000 bucks. And when i looked into the receipt details i found it had my card number but someone else's account number. It has been quite a eventful morning. And i am still debating with my selves whether to withdraw the money, get a freebie of 600 bucks, and forget my account forever, or to go and file a complaint with the bank and end up losing the extra money but keep my account going...

But after spending some grey matter that the latter option would be he best way and also the safest. The money could be blood and sweat of some person and i can't snatch it from away for no mistake of his. And at the end of the day i need that account to be working too... So the complaint is on it's way tomorrow.


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