Tuesday, May 26, 2009

IPL Bashing.

The Indian premiere league concluded recently with fireworks and glory. with Deccan chargers,the last years no. 8, leading this years points table. the IPL has no doubt been an overwhelming success bringing entertainment and cricket under one roof. it has managed to lure more people to become loyalists of the game.
But like every coin has two sides,ipl -2 has had failures. it remains an open debate whether it is doing good for the game or not.

1) IPL moves out of India:---

Lalit Modi continues to brag about how IPL has been an overwhelming success in southafrica. but there are more reasons for that other than peoples love for the game. the cheerleaders, the music and the stars that ipl brought with it lured people into stadiums. if the same tournament was being held in Nigeria with the same glamour, chances are great it would have done well. if held in India it would have had a more loyal audiences. the IPL stands for :INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE". it would be better if the tournaments are held in the country. you never see a EPL or southafrican rugby happening in India, do you???

2) Shane warne has beer. While fielding:---

The crime may not be fully attributed to shane warne. with so many partially nude cheerleaders bouncing around, the seriousness of the game has been already taken away. if the organizers don't have a problem with the spectators sipping on alcohol two feet away fro the playing field, they shouldn't have a problem with alcohol consumption on the field too.

3) Strategic breaks:--

The IPL is already making a shit load of money. with a new rule that was implemented the players were allowed"strategic breaks" every 10 overs to decide on their next plans to outplay the opposition.remember it is a 20 over game. never have such breaks been ever given in test matches when teams played each other for 8 hours, daily. either the top committee then didn't have brains or lalit modi is hell of a businessman. i like to believe in the latter. the advertisements in the duration of these breaks brought in more cash flow for the sponsors and the BCCI.were the breaks really needed by the players???the answer is no.

There are many more things that probably happened not according to the plan. The fake kkr blogger, the over hyped closing ceremony and the swaying of cricketer priorities keeping IPL ahead of playing for the country et cetera are to name a few.

With the latest announcement from lalit modi about how he plans to hold 2 ipl's every year, a regular one which shall be held in India and a mini version which shall be held abroad, it leaves me thinking whether i am happy with the news or not. i see my selves losing interests in the 50 over game let alone the test matches. the reason is that there are no one days being played these days. i am not happy with my changing priorities.

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For the first point the IPL was to be held in India but due to security concerns over elections it had to be moved.

For the second point "Beer serves as energy drink". Australians have used this in international games too man.

The third one was the valid one
Moreover you didnt mention about the three hour shit of closing ceremony man.