Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eulogy For Prison Break

"I AM MICHAEL SCOFIELD". Prison break which was the story of a man trying to exonerate his brother who was framed wrongly in a high profile murder case, ended a few days back.
It ran for 4 seasons and each one of them was better than the previous one. Michael Scofield, Lincon Burrows, Sarah Tancredi, Tea Bag ,Sucre were some of the most efficiently etched out characters the celluloid has ever had. With the most gripping Story line, music and O-Henry twists, prison break went on to break and make many records.

Prison break unlike other sitcoms was not one which went into 4 seasons just because it was making money. it went into it because it was needed for the story to run that far. Never while watching prison break did i ever get a feeling the story was being cooked up because the producers wanted it to run longer. Each character was in some ways connected to the other and he in turn to somebody else.

The last two episodes were probably the best with all the pieces of the puzzle falling into place. Michael scofield died in the end and my heart wept. the soundtrack was exceptional and the ending, fitting. this is the only serial i can say i shall miss. according to the makers there is going to be a DVD release of 2 more episodes. it is supposed to release on 21st July. i look forward.and this time i plan on buying and not downloading it for free. i have to give the best TV series there ever was, and will be, some respect. Prison Break, thank you for keeping me on the edge of my seat for the past 8 months.

I know that michael scofield shall not rise from the grave and i know there can never be another prison break. but i pray the torrents are still out there in 2030. i want my kids to see it.Thank You Paul T Scheuring.

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