Saturday, June 20, 2009

Media Mayhem!!!

When was the last time you picked up the newspaper and read something you felt good about???Has been a long time, hasnt it?The media is no longer a information outsource. It is some kind of a pessimist animal which keeps intimidating us with all the bad things which can, will and has happened around us.

The electronic and the print media have developed a new sales tactic. It relies on harnessing the readers fear to feed itselves. It is some kind of after day we come across reports of how the doomsday is fast approaching us, how the swine flu is going on to become a pandemic which shall kill millions in days to come, about how innumerable celestial bodies close to the earth and how we are saved by the skin of our teeth daily, how the global warming will lead to depletion of forest cover. We are afraid when we come across such details and we want to know more.We go to the kiosks and buy more. We see more media coverage about things which are not going to affect human existence for a long time to come. We worry about things which have been happening for centuries but we fear for their effects are being shown dawning upon us, today.

There are millions of deaths annually due to flu, malaria and other such diseases.we fear swine flu because the media tells us too. Global warming is something which is mother natures way of evolving. it has been happening all through the course of earth's history. Media asks to stop consuming electricity, natural gas and makes us believe we are the culprits. The global warming swindle, a documentary shall throw more light on what i am trying to say.

The media has been sensationalized exponentially in the past decade. Like all things it too has evolved, but whether the evolution has been for good is something which is open to debate. The basics of media is to provide correct information about what is happening around the globe, and to influence governments around the world to make good of what is wrong. media lost track of this responsibility a long time ago. it is more concerned about 2 people dying of swineflu, rather than telecast the injustice meted out to prisoners at Guantanamo bay. More coverage to global warming, Angelina jolie's newly adopted kid, and the fly killed by barrack obama. There are soldiers and civilians being killed at borders across the world, terrorists have started resorting to destruction of heritage sites in Afghanistan, does such news ever get reported?

The bad is also partly ours.We, who cater to such junk news and lap it up. We need to start asking questions. The media has to provide answers and so do the governments.It is time for us to take a stand.The media needs to remind itselves that its mere existence is for making world a smaller place, not a scarier one!They need to understand with power comes responsibility.


Steve Ballmer said...

Good blog, nicely done!

Shriram INC. said...

thank you Mr. ballmer