Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Journey Begins.

So finally i am on route to harihar for pursuing my management program.this is the fifth year i am going to be away from home and i fell happy and sad for it.
happy because i shall continue to enjoy my independence which is quintessential for me. when i say independence, i mean the ability to make one's own decisions and be responsible for it.
i became addicted to this habit of being independent, four years ago when i first moved out of my parents house. the initial days were spent thinking about how life could have been better had i been at home. but then i began to see the positive side of being away.
now today i leave again for a b school were life would be i know totally different from what i have experienced before. i lived with people who were not too serious about life and took it as it came.
now i move into a place where every individual is extremely determined about what he is going to do with his life. if i look inside myselves i see no definitive aims or goals. perhaps this is not the way it should be. but i like to believe that i am ready to improvise with life and decide on the road i want to take based on real life experiences. not based on things heard, said and read.

i wish to tell my parents that i love them and respect the for they allowed me to make my own road. i have always been advised by my parents, never decided by them. i love them for that and i plan on giving them a call as soon as i finish this post. which is , NOW.


vishi2max said...

dont worry dude... you'll soon figure out what you'll want out of lyfe...

MBA in KIAMS teaches you a lot apart from academics...

btw you have a pretty good playlist embedded on your blog

Laiza said...

I think its healthy to keep the child-like carefree feeling within us once in a while... but there are moment that we really have to be serious...and taking your MBA is one big serious matter.:) Good luck on your journey. Thanks for visiting my site. You should write more, I really enjoyed your rantings...:)