Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It has been a long time since i have posted something.I still have nothing in particular to rant about.So i shall write about life and how much i am learning from it each passing day.

Life is a lesson which ends when your both feet hit the coffin deck.And when that happens people around start learning from your carcass. I am now pursuing my management studies.As recited by me in the earlier posts it is something that i have always wanted to do. But that was in time. MBA has come to me too fast for my liking. Now that i am in it, i stand by the decision taken for me by my lord.

When i see the world around, i think of myself as a alien in atlantica.Where responsibility and maturity is expected by an management student i fulfill none of the criteria s. I am still the wide eyed boy who likes to enjoy every moment of his existence.I do not worry about worries and that is what is worrying me. Should i start getting serious and change my body's functioning machine???perhaps yes because the time is now.And if this time passes away it wont come back.With the passing of time it shall also take with it the umpteen opportunities that life has to offer me. But saying all this i still don't care.I wont change and i shall still murder time because that is what i am most experienced in. some bloody bastard once told"Old Habits Die Hard". and this habit of mine is as old as my liver.

So i shall stop posting here and go to disturb my fast friend who thinks he can conquer the world by immersing himselves into books.He needs to be shown the light...Doesn't he???

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