Friday, September 4, 2009

Living The Dream!!!!

The Journey Started on June 28th. when i first reached my college campus in pursuit of my dreams of becoming an manager. This post is about the 60 odd days i spent in the haven of fun and learning and my initial views.

When i entered the campus i was welcomed by a student of my batch 4 years elder to me. I was introduced to seniors having job experiences and resumes i would dream of only after i crossed 30. I was perturbed as i saw myself to be a misfit in such a organization. Me being a engineer(a smoker and drinker, goes without saying!!!) needed engineers or atleast people of my mentality around me to sustain. although i would have done well without them, with them, i knew i would do better. Then perceptions started to change as me and my new found batch-mate headed for the bar to have a couple of drinks. I had been in the campus for a measly 2 hours. Life was looking good.

I shall not go into the details as i would end up slowing down net traffic if i was to enter that much magnitude of data at one go on the web. So life was going good for the next couple of days until i found my room-mate. Have you ever met a person who is so similar to you on grounds that it seems he/she is your image and shadow?? I Have.
With bandwidths overlapping i believe i have found a good friend. not for the course of the MBA program. For the course of my life.

There are a million things i learnt en-course the 2 months of my post graduation, but there is one thing which stands out. It is that no matter where you are, what you do, there will be ways for you to blend in with all the environments. God at the end of the day has made everyone equal.All have the qualities to succeed or to fail. The question is which one do you choose???

The road to el-dorado has just begun and by the look of things i going to be a helluava journey. I really wish and want that life continues to be as good to me as it is now. I have been given responsiblities of a huge magnitude already, although a bit skeptical at first, i believe i have it in me to ride the wave. If i dont i will make sure i have it by the end of the program.

And for people like me out there always remember"A Dog Always Finds It's Breed".

Engineering (15th August 2005---27th May 2009)---R.I.P
Management Studies (28th June 2009---.............)---The Journey Begins.NOW.

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