Monday, October 26, 2009

The State Of Mind.

Summer has come to pass. the innocent can never last. in midst of fog and flame i stand as i watch everything around me disappear in oblivion. with my life to live i stare at the skies as that comet nears my world. i stand with both feet 6 feet under, i breathe the tepid air, i look out of the cage. i want something i dont actually know. i live a life unknown to me. for the colors of life change every moment i watch life in Technicolor, with not one shade i love. i stare at the memories long gone inside my head spending every moment in the past. those days are long gone but the memories remain. i cease to exist as myself for i can't. the world is no longer a good place to live in. within the coronary artery runs blood i want to shed. the brain damage i felt. i perhaps need cocaine. or perhaps only my life back!!!Are you reading this god???


neha said...

Every morning you wake up n promise urself that u will never change ,but u have changed a lot,though u cannot realise this but others surely do.This may be 1 of the reason for 'state of mind'.

Shriram INC. said...

thanks for letting me know dear...the problem with life is one never seems to understand what games it is playing with u. by the time u realize it is too late...i am not a pessimist but the facts don't change. right???