Monday, May 18, 2009


As the maxim goes "everything that is good has to come to an end". i expirence the truth in it today.i approach the dawn of my enginnering life in 10 days. everything that i did,thought and felt shall become unimportant. the friends i made,the tears i cried,the blood and sweat I lost in the past four years will become nothing but milestones on the road to pursuit of happiness.
i guess everyone has such moments in life where he realises that the time has come for him to move leave old and dear things behind(i just got goosebumps!!!)perhaps it is the law of nature.but like all laws,this too is not that easy to abide by.i know that people i have been with shall move to live their own, happy day when we sit on a couch,a lousy old septegenerian,with grandchildren by our side we shall remember these days. the times we spent with no worries.

i wished one day that this time come. i wanted to move on to better,bigger things.but with that time finally here,the feeling of sadness expunges my soul. perhaps i should have been more careful with what i wished. who knows your wishes may come true sooner that you want them to. walkin away is going to be difficult. but i move on with hope in my heart, and tears in my eyes. i loook forward to greener pastures. i travel with the hope of finding better memories to live by.after all, all that matters at the end is how good your memories are of the life you lived.
I need to "TURN THE PAGE".

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