Monday, May 18, 2009


there is this thing about blogging,it becomes addictive with time. it is just like all other addictions. you are concerned only about the pleasures it gives you and care a shit about what people think about them. the point i am trying to make here is that blogging may be very satisfying but in no ways is it good in all ways to/for the reader

there are the following kind of bloggers omnipresent:---


the first and the most commonly found genra of bloggers. are those who care to blog about all they do and see. some one should take the initative and let them know that all they blog about may just perhaps seem intresting only to them,for everyone else it is bullshit.these kind of bloggers look upon themselves as some kind of superstars. they feel everything they do is in some unknown way very important for the world to know. it is like if they dont tell the world what they did for the entire day they would be exploiting the fellow-bloggers of their right to know.
picture this.i read recently in a blog somewhere how the author(if we may call a blogger that) went to have a poop and how he realised after the "low-down" he had run out of tissue paper. the post continued as he went on explaining in the minutest detail how he got about to cleaning his a**. now please tell me how does posting such kind of stuff give any satisfaction...perhaps i am ignorant and perhaps such bloggers know more.


the second genra.the bold plagiarist who steals from anything and everything. newspapers,internet,other blogs,etc. it makes no diffrence to him. all he is wanting to do is to post something. there are a billion posts about obama's inagural sppech. why is it so important for someone to blog this???if you are intersetd in the transcript will you search for it on google or are on the billion blogs present.what is easier and what makes sense???decide for yourself.


then there are bloggers who blog only because others are blogging too. these blogs have almost no writings. filled by innumerable pictures and videos,they are a treat to watch.a shit to read. even babies who have still not been born blog these days.there blog has details about what his/her mother ate today,how he/she is kicking around in mother's womb, how many days left before he/she is going to play with his/her's parents.guess what is the first present parents give to their children these guessed it right---A CUSTOMISED BLOG.


the fourth genra is a mix of all the three kind mentioned above.they write shit, they steal, they lie.they make no bones about it. the blog of such a blogger is the most interesting to read. not only has he views to express he also backs them up well. such blogs are very rare to find and one may also notice that he has the minimum number of followers as compared to the fore-mentioned categories.

i myselves consider myselves a ignorant is not long since i took up to blogging. perhaps in time i also shall fall into one of the category mentioned above. i look forward to that day. being un-categorised is not a particularly good accredition.

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