Monday, May 18, 2009


there were earlier posts in this blog about how it is difficult to move on from one rung of the ladder to the next.the laddder i am talking about is the ladder of life and the rungs of the ladder are the phases of life.there is no doubt that it is very difficult leaving things you have once loved behind, and moving on. but there can be no denying the fact that this is quintessential.

the primary thing for a person to understand is that every creature born on the face of the planet is selfish .it is not the selfishness,the presence or abscence,that one should doubt. it is the degree of selfishness that comes under the scanner.there is nothing wrong in being selfish. it is a nature's tool to keep all its creations alive and kicking. if one is not selfish, one won't survive.he would end up in the history let us be frank about one likes reading history.

a mother is selfish for her child. if she were not would she be able to feed the child?a father is selfish for his family. if he were not would he be able to take care of them? a friend is selfish.if not will he be able to live his life he pleases, once others of his clan have moved on?

the reason i am talking about selfishness is. it is one of the most powerful emotions a human being harbours. there undoubtedly must be a line drawn somewhere. excess of everything sucks,we have all been told. sometimes i wonder was it that necessary for nature to create this human emotion??? is it all man's mistake,we are leaving such lives today. even our ancestors were selfish had they not been, we wouldnt be here today. had they shown mercy on animals they hunted then,would we have seen the light of day today???the point is i am tired of me being being selfish, i am tired of people around me being selfish. why cant we live a good life?al gore says it's pollution, nelson mandela says it's racism. i say it is mother nature. enough of crap. life is hard. we know that. we should accept things we cant change. i accept this human emotion. i feed it too. now all that i can say is that we can never be independent. but what if people we trust on, live by, backstabbing us. where does life take you from there.

i know blogging does not attract readers. people have better things to do than read my posts. go on!!!do things important. i say never trust anyone. and if you have not read this you are missing a part of a puzzle. that puzzle is also called, LIFE.until the next post, ADIOS!!!

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