Monday, May 18, 2009

The Solution Is Hope

as you may all have realised by now this blog i more about human emotions and facts. i dont care to trigger human whims. they are not important.

there have been posts before about selfishness, departure, life, etcetera. this post is about solutions.the solution to problems which in reality are nothing but a part of life. this post is about how a man wants to be contended with life. forcefully.

i have seen lives of people trascending from nothing to everything in an instant. the only thing common in those incidences was hope. the people in thise examples hoped against hope. they never let the feeling of despair set in. the problem with most of us is that we give up only seconds before we succedd. the world counts who has won and who has lost. most of us end up on the losing side because we didnt hold up our trust fro long enough. then they call us failures. then we aceept those failures.

what harm can it do to hold on just for a second longer. if we dont break perhaps we could win....who knows???but we choose to give up because we feel we have made a fool of ourselves just because we have held on for that long. we think about what people may be thinking about us. and importantly we think about that when we are down. only if we had courage to go that extra mile. but hten not all men are special.if all were wuldnt planet earth be a dull place to live in???

the solution to all our roblems lie in ourselves. the only thing is we need to hold on to our beliefs that much longer. courage and sucess comes not to those who are devoid of fear, it comes to those who march ahead despite it.i have learnt that giving up,quitting, is never an option. it is a royalty we take for facing problems. if we were to face life head on, more people would end up living succesful lives perhaps.

our life is like a movie. in the end pretty much everything ends up being right. if all is not well by then, then it is not the end. you still have roles to enact. ADIOS.

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hey man wat happened to ur hard hitting socitey fucking blogs ,why have u moved to this introspection stuff have u become spidey man 3,batman 3, or superman 5 or someting that u r worrying abut good and evil