Monday, May 18, 2009

Politics And Public---INDIA

india is developing at a brisk rate. india has yet not been affected by the global meltdown. india will be a superpower by 2030. we indians have been hearing such statments from chiefs of all political departments since ages. most of us,indians, know such statments may be true theoretically but in no ways do they make any sense practically.

poverty is one of india's biggest challenges. it has its brothers in arms too. they are called unemployment and illetracy.they together have been choking the pace of the country's development since ages. and they continue to do so while statments akin above were being issued to the press. india as a country may be growing richer but the condition of indians living in the country remains pitiable.

there are thousands of cases of suicides, rape and other grotesque crimes which go unreported daily. these crimes happen mainly in the rural areas. the areas which have faced the brunt of political and economic shunning since decades. it is said that india lives in its villages. but still we choose repeatedly, daily, to neglect them and the people living therin.

the result is that the poor farmers who are responsible for feeding the rich go to bed having taken 2 glasses of water. they call it dinner. we,the urban flock, pack leftovers from the hotel and call it dog-food. urban india is hip and happening. the western way. there are cities like bangalore, mumbai and delhi which can compete with any western city in terms of exposure and the yo-factor. but what good has come of it? a majority of the country's population is going to bed hungry night after night.

the only time perhaps the voices of poor are heard, are during the elections. india went to the polls a few days back. the printed and electronic media was full of plight of the villagers who hailed from previously unheard of villages. a few roads are made or mended, electricity temporarily provided and dreams of better future shown; a couple of months before elections and once the reults are out the promises made vanish in thin air and the poor feel betrayed once again.

but this time it has been different in more ways than one. the poor have so got full of false promises that they have decided to take steps. elections have been boycotted in villages around the country. people even have made dummies of politicians who had repeatedly over the years come to them, gave them false hopes and asked for their vote. guess what is being done to these they were not being burnt. they were being used as target practice for hailing shoes and sandals ,in case the politician made the mistake of coming to campaign there this time around. so the "criminals in white"(read, politicians) have chosen to keep away from such angry and agitated villages for fear of losing their prestinge and some teeth.

but is all this the solution? why cant we look at the bigger picture? selecting not to elect will do more harm than good. the country has already been mauled by unworthy leaders for centuries.the worst case scenario would be indifference, to the atrocities that are being caused to the masses,by the masses. so not voting will not do the job

the people have been hurt so much that it will take a proper leader to make them realise this. but for that we need a proper leader...dont we???

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