Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Ghost Of Q.

Quattrocchi A.K.A Mr Q.the bofors scandal has been alive in the memories of the Indian judicial system and the masses for over 22 years now.The bofors scandal was first exposed in 1987 by a swedish radio station

What is the bofors scandal???

It is one of the biggest scandals in the history of the country. it is a scandal where everyone from the top politicians(read Sonia Gandhi,narshima rao etc) to wealthy businessmen(Quattrochhi) were involved in duping the country and the trust of its citizens. A arms deal amounting to over $300 billion dollars was awarded to an incompetent company named bofors due to Q. this wealthy businessman who had a rags to riches story shared a lose relation to the Gandhi family. he influenced the running government to an extent that bureaucrats were known to rise when he entered the room. this is the kind of leverage we are talking about. The point is the awardement of the deal to bofors not only made the Indian army less potent in its arms and supplies but is also seemed to make Q richer by 7.3 million dollars. now this seemed to be little detail to the Indian government at that time and such lienency was shown to him and is continued to be shown that it has almost become a pity.

Why actually Sonia Gandhi wants to protect him has more than one answer. mot of the answers perhaps we may never know. two of them are:-- the gandhi family was close to Q,and secondly if Sonia Gandhi were to protect him in India Q would protect her outside the country.
The deal went ahead despite futile hue and cry from the army and others involved. later the freezing of Q's accounts were done by the CBI but later defreezed by special requests from the ruling government then. cases were filed on multitude grounds but now of the came out of the drawer onto the table. all the cases lie termite destroyed somewhere. Q was detained at a point of time by Interpol. but due to lack of interests by the government things did not move ahead and Q survived to see another day.

To this day he remains free. Indian government has spent over 300 crores on this scandal.not one penny has been invested for a cause. all that money has been spent on making sure that the man remains uncaught. the government has been making a fool of it selves by so publicly pursuing a ghost when it could have trapped it in a genie's bottle so long ago. either the government should shamelessly stop all proceedings of the case as it has exhibited no interest in doing anything other than creating mist and fog around the scandal and has spent crores on keeping justice at bay, or the system should do some Justice to the people's faith and bring Q to the amount for the bribes he took.

This is not the first time the world is seeing something like this back in the 70's the Watergate incident which involved the 37Th president of the united states Mr. Nixon had also created a uproar of the same intensity. the only difference in both the cases is that Nixon was made to confess his crimes although he was not tried.But looking at the scenario Q scandal will remain a ghost and as we know the favourite pastime of ghosts is to haunt.

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