Monday, March 1, 2010

My Morbid Aberration.

India celebrated it's most dearest festival today--HOLI-"The festival of colors". In the meanwhile I had Bhang. What happened next is history!

It has been around 12 hours since i consumed the intoxicating drink made from cannabis and milk. The time has long come to a standstill. The eyes are long red and the mind long free. The effects of bhang unlike any other intoxicant known to man lingers with you, no matter how many sleeps you have had, how many vomits you have staged, how many coffees you have drunk.

The time has become so slow that i have aged a 20 years in 12 hours. Every simple task i want to do commands excruciating efforts. The endeavor to take in one drag of cigarette smoke was so immense that i was panting after the effort. I have not lived a life of a nun. Although i had no prior experience of bhang i thought it would be a cakewalk.But what the truth was to be i was unaware!

The effects are quite similar to that of Marijuana. The same hunger, repetitions, red eyes, dry throat et cetera. I have slept for 5 hours had 2 cups of lime water and bathed twice. And every time i try to alleviate the toxicity i end up elevating it just a little more.

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