Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Third Person Singular.

This is a B'day notice my friends hung up on the college notice board today.(Was My Birthday today, BTW). This is a insider view on the life and lies of Shriram Ramesh.

Birthday Time...not again but special one!!

Yet another birthday, though quite special this time. This tall, DARK and handsome brat is known by many names – Ganji, Baccha, Doll, Jaanu, Pari, Mallika and so on. Blessed with the cutest smile (and shining fake teeth neighbouring stained real ones). Omni present chap with his perfectly honed people skills and stunningly in shape body. He is obsessed with blogging and his blogs often contain experiences and stories of other which he claims as his own. He is an animal lover of animals and often licks jolly’s pups (are they his?) around in the campus. “Hum”, “Baanjh diya”, “gajab halat hai”, “kaat doonga” are his catch phrases.

This ebullient C.R of B12 never had the opportunity of relishing a “chilled beer” in his life and falls sick whenever he takes one. His style of walking is unique and makes one wonder about the exact direction in which he is heading (countless Gorillas are still in process to sue him for copyright issues!!). He loves confusing people with his limited knowledge of English adages (which he by da way copies from internet) and blushes when he gets a complement. He has many girlfriends (or so he claims) in the campus and would not let go of an opportunity to make you laugh. He is fond of stealing food, water and slippers from his friends. He is a kid at heart: would blush at the slightest compliment, gets angry at the slightest provocation, show his teeth at the slightest humour.

Claims himself to be “bahut darawana aadmi ”( no one’s scared of you buddy) and the wisest man alive. His self proclaimed blog has got many followers (different id that he made under different names on numerous mail providers) and many blog entries (which if u search are copied from foreign bloggers..mostly Nigerian).

He’s funny but serious at the same time, he’s is careless but quite caring, that horrendous growth on the lower anatomy of his face (Goti on chin) makes him look scary but he’s the most lovable guy in the batch.

Haseeno ke sapno ka rajkumar, dushmano ke liye talwar

Doston ka dost, we love you the most.

Come one and come all to wish this Brand Ambassador of Fair and Lovely a very Happy Birthday.

At 11:55 at Love Lane, where he will be waiting for you all swearing on his blood and sweat.

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Ajit said...

nicely described man
But thing is i didnt spot any lies in there except for the good body thing which was corrected later in the post by some dim wit