Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Dogma of the Dogs

In the race for the fastest car and the biggest house, I come across scores of detractors’ every day. They tell me I am not worth it. They tell me they know me well enough and that I won’t pull through. They act mature and advises are easy to find. As I stand amidst this whirlpool of opinions I feel a force. The force is proportional to the testimonials I receive and exponential to the author of the thought and inversely proportional to the negativity it has.
The more I hear about myself the more I rise. The closer the person dogmatizing is, the harder I get hit. And more negatively I am represented; the resentment increases.
My goal is enter into a frame of mind where I can successfully slide past the “No-Do-Gooders” and crash into the “Do-Gooders”. Meaning to duck past opinions which should not matter and contemplate ones which do. But as everything in life, it is proving to be easier said than done.
It has been almost half a decade since I started trying to achieve this karmic mind frame. Every time I feel I have managed to ride the vulture, the rains beat down. And down comes the vulture. If only some software geek could come up with a firewall to protect me against my own mind. If only I had the power to control what should make a difference to me…And what should not.

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