Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Fine Line.

Only If I were a Gay.

• I would be able to fart openly knowing he does not care.
• I would be free from the custom of making at least 3 calls daily. Just to let him know how much i loved him. And probably how smart I thought, he looked.
• I would not have to aim my pee on the side walls of the toilet.
• I could be sure of when he is satisfied. There is absolutely no "faking" here!
• I can get up in the morning with a "pole star". And nobody cares!!!!
• I may get into a fight with him. And to get out of it, all I need would be some beers.
• I can read the playboy on the couch. And be unapologetic about it.
• When we go shopping I do not have to stand timidly at the lingerie section. And i can buy underwear with a raging bull emblem on it.
• If I do not recharge my phone, nobody does it for me. This way i do not enter the never-ending "You-scratch-my-Back-I-Scratch-yours" cycle.
• No Fuss while making out. And we both know when we are ready :)

Although the above post makes it apparent that I already am a Gay, I am not. But looking at the advantages of being one over the "All string attached" Heterosexual relations, i may well be on my way to switch sides.

P.S:--- Signs to watch out for when I finally seal the deal.

• The background of the blog is redone. It is either pink or has some roses in it.
• The blog is no longer called "The darker side of the brain". It’s called "The other side of me"
• The number of followers increase so dramatically, it is almost as if I subscribed to that Friday Follow Shit(Which I Did, Sadly)
• The Most Important Hint---I write a post on how good being Gay is. And the transgression "Difficulties" I face ...Wink!!!!

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