Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Rapist In Me.

As the villages spread across the country remain shielded in their attitudes towards sex the urban India is opening up like soda pop, they say. Sex still is a taboo in many parts of the country, both rural and urban. For the rural part of the country it is understood as people are uneducated and I would not expect them to have an open culture. It is the Urban India’s attitude which hurts.

As you travel through the heart of a city you continually find “Fathers and Brothers of all girls” roaming about. These people get sparked off even with slightest inkling of a boy trying to talk to a girl. Any boy wanting to strike a conversation with the opposite gender is deemed as a sex-maniac, desperate to get laid. As a man at the height of sexual maturity I feel this as a abuse to my hormones. I do accept that there are many men out there who roam the streets desperate, but that does not mean every man roaming the street is a predator. Right?

An average Indian girl has been brought been repeatedly told by her mother, grandmother and the rest of the female family line to stay away from stray dogs and men. It is almost a joke for a girl when she giggles with her friends on seeing a boy checking her out.
Science tells man and woman both have the equivalent sexual urges. Come India, you may probably feel girls are totally unaware of any such feelings and are shocked and repulsed if and when she is approached by a male.

Hand in hand with these females are the males who deem themselves as the ultimate savior. He with his few buddies are there to help a girl anytime. Needless of whether she needs help or not. A recent incident when a man was beaten up rowdies as he was trying to patch up with his girl in public is a case in point.

I do not ask it to be easy. Fun, traditionally, has always been in the chase. However the way a girl looks at me if I commend her for a good dress is down bullshit. (Do not excuse the language. I mean it) A consideration by the opposite gender that probably I am looking for things other than sex might help. Sex is not the end. It is a beginning.

The rationale behind a compliment is not necessarily sex. The rationale behind a slight nod in the public bus does not mean eve teasing. A smile given in the lift does not mean I am finding a way to get into the pants. In other countries it’s called being Chivalrous. In India- Desperation

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