Sunday, August 15, 2010

To the women I love.

How i love women, my lord i can't say!
From my mother to my sister to my girl, gods best act has to be that of his creation of the feminie gender.
The care and the caress, the love and the the luck, the feel and the fear, How much could a man probably want all that?
As i allow the song to sing to me, i realize i am being driven away to a place i no longer belong. I realize that i am a lesser man for i could'nt have enough women in my life. As and when i see one, i thank god for the world he created.
I start hating homosexuals as i feel sorry for them for them not realizing what they are missing.
In her eyes i feel love and the pain. I her voice i felt the truth and the despair, in her i find myself and my silhouettes. For without her i would never have been alive to write this. As a man, and as a chauvinist, i with every passing day, am starting to recognize what i would have been without you by my side/
I can never probably thank you enough,women, for the "rakhi", the call, the kiss, the care or the milk.I can only say i am sorry and grateful for you being there.
All i can say is that i love you.
All i can say is that i still care despite my repeated failures to let you know that i do.
All i can say is that i keep falling in love.
I did/do/will be by you, if that is any consolation.

The chauvinist turned admirer.
Shriram Ramesh.

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Nice....d 'unconventional' way of admirin'd truth' s amazin............