Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Ramdev Retrospective

The Only thing I understand about Politics, is that I do not understand It. I therefore shall take the liberty of excluding names of political parties/persons, locations of temples/mosques, criminal cases, etc from this post. Although these exclusions do not take away anything from the essecnce but their inclusion would have made it more referable.

We, a nation of billion people, have a memory of a flea. A mosquito amongst us is the one who has the monies, the fleas,we, are the ones who crib and cut spending when the food price inflation notches up a basis point. Obviously, the poor country has a lot more to think of (Read:- Making sure wife/daughter comes back unraped,Delhi; Making sure husband/brother is not shot down, Bihar,UP,Kashmir; Making sure the stomach gets to work atleast twice a day,India) The Great "Bring back the black money" kind of movements is a luxury to those who have the time, money and the inclination. 95% of the population would be least bothered. That does not justify the crime however. If someone wants to make a difference which I want but cannot, I will support him. I do not care about his source of income or his political interesets or his latest MMS or of his islands in the arabian sea. Or of his political ambitions, I do not care if he has one. He cant be better/worser than the ones in the chair right now.

Baba Ramdev may have been a slut/vamp/bookie/saint/pimp. I, a citizen of the country carelessley give a fuck. What I give a fuck for is what he is asking of the government to do. To bring back the black money and bring law to the offenders (Vice versa being impossible in this country) Democracy states that the citizens have the right to chose a profession of their choice. I learnt this in my social studies class when I was 12.Its a part of the Indian constitution. However as far as i recollect there are no subclauses stating what all rights one has, given his profession. The freedom of speech is another right.Birth right for that matter. The government from the look of it is either uneducated, or A "class 4 kick-out".

As usual I too shall go back to my normal life like all of us and wont even remember the name ramdev a decade after. This is because i cannot do anything. If i choose to support the movement the police will fire. If I do not i feel pity, for myself and for the country. I willl continue paying the bribes, I will continue to vote, I will continue to adrress babus as "Sir", I will keep cribbing. Because the inflection point is long past me. I am just a number, of 1.1 billion. I know, i cannot make a difference. Perhaps the yoga saint can. Give him a shot, we lose nothing /m\

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Alka said...

Nice post Shriram.. and yes we do not lose anything but to stand with him requires great courage. We all have it but fail to recognise, or our stakes are too high. Good that people like us are thinking about it. Hope we gather the courage someday to stand by these movements or may be to lead one.
The lines in the bracket after 'the poor country has lot more to think' are excellent. Good going