Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beef. Bones And Blood.

I eat flesh. Members of a food chain, I kill and eat, eventually shit. Am i proud of it. Yes, A very loud resounding yes. Why am I Proud? Because I like meat. I dont care whatever PETA is doing to spread awareness, because I love dead animals. I am a saddist? Yes, I am. I am a Jerk? Yes, I am. All this is so Inhuman? Oh!, Fuck It IS? I still do not care. Below are the reasons i chose meat over plants.

1) Plants will not be around for long. Deforestation will take care of that. I want to be alive.
2) Plants have weird chemicals sprayed upon them. Animals have injections. I choose injections.
3) Plants are less, Animals are more.
4) Plants are green and do not have bones. Animals have.
5) Plants are peed upon by animals. I dont drink pee.
6) Plants have panner butter masala as their brand ambassador. Animals have beef kebab, chciken tikka, roasted leg piece, fried fish and pork.(I eat anything from a pig to a cow. I am not sorry. I have long isolated the sacred thread from my body. I am a brahmin. Still proud)
7) Men who kill plants do not know the value of life. I kill animals, so I do.
8) Plants have PETA. Animals have me.
9) "I did not move up to the food chain to becoame a vegetarian"--Tantra T-Shirt/m\
10) Because I do not care.

P.S---For anyone who wants to ask me why I eat flesh, I will take a printout of this post. If that "Anyone" wants his grandchild to have food, he/she better not ask me that. I wild have to kill a plant for the printout.


A-Jester said...

The Lord has said "The flora, fauna and everything in this earth is for you to eat and live hale and hearty"

Bose said...

Hilarous post!

Abhyudaya Shrivastava said...

Haha... funny funny funny! I will go and eat mutton now!

Ruby Claire said...

Inspite of having a Strict rules of Hinduism people eat what they supposed to not eat.

What do we call them a sinner ..hmmm no.. a creator of sins.