Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Chauvinist in Me. Part# 2

Women, We respect you. We really do. But aren't you overdoing yourself. All right, you gave birth to us and went through some inhuman pain to get us out of your body. All right, you left your family and came to live with us.
All right you leave your dreams behind and chose to be our wives. Respect, you tie us rakhees and send us one every time we are not near. Great you taught us how to live.

Appreciate that you stand shoulder to shoulder with "Men" in all fields, you make us sound us like enemies when you do, that's fine with us. The reason why best left unsaid. I know, Indian women, There's a Mayawati for a Clinton and a Faluguni Pthak for every Celine Dion and A Indira Nooyi for every Indira Nooyi and a Karrena Kapoor for every Hollywood actress. But please dont start getting too full of yourself.

With all respect, Men are not, not working or having a less difficult time, than they were when you were "subdued". They are just trying harder. And their base is already higher than than what is yours.
Great you look after kids and go to a job. The man is till in a ruder tax bracket and he still is paying the bills.
Excellent you are in the armed forces and teaching in premier institutes. The man has always been.
Extravagant, that you have manged to d all this despite subjugation and injustice over the last century or more. Respect.
You have now gone to space and are also a bus conductor, and change diapers when at home.
It was your gender who got raped. No counter point. Kill the bastards.

However what Man has done is not to be belitted by the fact that you are growing. Haven't we played our part? Haven't we loved? Show me a Juliet with a romeo Or a Heer without a Ranjha Or A Mother of God without her Son..

Reservation quotas, supreme court exceptions, tax rebates; Social network images about "Why to love a woman" aside; understood. All we ask for is credit for what we are. If you start generalizing men as rapists; we are not getting anywhere. Are We ?

P.S:- I believe in women can deliver in the next decade. But Men wont fail, because they cant. They have never known that as a option (Not that women have). Blame nature. We went after dinosaurs, cannibal tribes and crocodiles making sure all of us get to eat. If there's a past against you; we have had it too. Charles Darwin says "The toughest shall survive" Nor can we afford that as a mindset, nor can you.
Let's us not become too chauvinist or feminist. There has been a point when each of our genders, chose to hide themselves when the others were slaughtered. The primitive Men Versus The Raped Woman. Sorry.

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Alka said...

Excellent!! We would appreciate more thoughts like this :)