Saturday, March 31, 2012

Respect, Monk!

Our first meeting was more of a chance than choice. The regular Tasmac had run of out of beer when we first decided to try Old Monk. Our companionship has grown stronger over the years since. Old Monk is for those who drink to get drunk. For those who just want to be on a high, or who want to feel tipsy; and stuff like that; there are other alternatives. Old Monk delivers what it’s appearance promises. Complete, real and a long period of intoxication. Reasons why I adore the rum is because it is cheap, effective, easily available and does not need you to go shopping for lemons, fireworks or special glasses; to make the night memorable. 180 Ml of Old Monk and 180 Ml of water; is all it needs.

As time passed me by the only two things which are the same right now is my name and the taste of the rum. Old monk has been the reason behind almost all of my life’s highs and lows:- It was there when I had my first fight. It was there when I had my last, the first girl who came, the last one who left and the one who decided to stay; the exams I failed expectedly and the ones I passed unexpectedly; while I was getting a tattoo or a piercing; the night before my first job interview and the night after; last night and now.

If you haven’t cried, fought and lied post a bottle of rum, to put it soberly, you must do it. For life without accidents or tears would be a sequence of events no better than a game of chess, without those fights and tears, which he bought along; life would have been a pity.

Old Monk has been a humble friend all along. But it is time we start meeting less often.

I drank because I can; because I wanted to. I know I would soon need an ambulance and probably a kidney transplant. But I have people I love and some fateful ones who love me in return. I will quit. For the same reasons I drank, because I can, because I want to.

I need no warrant for my being and no word of sanction upon my being. I am my warrant and I am my sanction. Same said fir Monk. That made two of us. A Clich├ęd, cheers!

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Good read it was....Happy to get you back in the circuit...Keep it up....:)