Saturday, May 12, 2012

Men:- The story of Power.

Sharks are God's best creation. Violent, Ruthless and precise. No remorse's; living meal to meal, Fanatical about power and pride; guards territories like the ancient Romans.  Disregard for lesser beings, hunts to kill, to eat. Poaches with the sadistic pleasure, the aquatic life twitches at. Eyes of steel. The flag of dominance protruding over it's back; rarely seen over the surface. If seen, shortly, is blood.

And then there are Men. 
What makes a Man what he is? Is it only got to do with genes, mother's affection and wife's love. Or is it more primitive. Ruthless. 
  • A Man lives for recognition. He is sparked by the desire to better others of his clan. Takes incompetence as a insult. You never marry a Man and have a good life, if you do not tame his ego. 
  • Domination comes naturally. Given a chance he will show lesser men their place, his feet. He is a narcissist, and he can only look up to men of equal competence. Others he shall insult.
  • Does not generally care about consequences. If they turn out to be wrong, he shall say "I was wrong, it was a mistake". Wont go around cursing gods and god men.
  • No-one messes around with his woman. He holds her so close, it sometimes is scary. She is his prey. He tolerates no disrespect, no compromises. 
  • He cries when he has to. Knows he is a Man.No God. 
  • He loves appreciation, loves people telling him he is good, her telling he is better in bed. He might say he does not care. He always does. 
  • He will scream and shout, throw tantrums, he is a child inside. Lives their attention, loves their fear.
  • When he gets out of home, he imagines people around standing up as a mark of respect. Relieves his actions slowly many times and thinks about how good a emperor he would have made. And tell others, he is not a dreamer but a realist. 
  • When he is in a fight, he is not scared of the pain to his body; but the scars to his ego. Almost all physical fights ever recorded do not have a winner. Both, were good. Only that, there was interference. 
  • The roar of a royal enfield and the submission of a perceived violence drives him. If you are his wife, mother or sister. Get intimidated by him. Only then shall he comply. 
  • When you bitch about him behind his back he always knows it. Thinks you are not important enough for him to care. When you look at him, you look with utter contempt. He does not look at all. What is a bigger insult?
Tell him he is good, he listens. Tell him he was bad, he loses his attention span. Homosexuals and Gays, he does not respect. Gandhi and Martin Luther King, he disagrees with. Metro sexual's are a let down, getting chest hair shaved is humorous
Every girl/mother wants such a man in her life. Some object. and fantasize. Some comply. The Man on a horse in shining Armour is not a fable, It's a dream.  Which Man Did You Meet Lately?

Philosophy and Lesser Men have one thing in common. No One really cares.

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