Sunday, February 8, 2009

Death Of Democracy.

A lot of hype and hoopla has been surrounding the facts and figures about how the Indian and the chinese economies are at loggerheads.Trade experts expect that with the given GDP of India, it may well have the potential to overtake china as one of the strongest economies in the world in the next decade or so...Now is the time for introspect and decide whether it is only the GDP that states how well a country has being doing.

Recently women were beaten up in a pub in mangalore, karnatka by self appointed guardians of the tradition. These people who come from the sriram sena say that traditionally indian women are not allowed to go to pubs, drink or hold hands with boys in public. They say traditionally Indian women dont have a right to live and must be forever enclosed within the four walls of the house bringing up kids and catering to the needs of the physically abusive husband.

even leaders of the state have come out in open and expresses ed their views on how the "Pub Culture" is deteriorating the Indian youth and their wishes to ban them. They say that we are irresponsible.But who the hell are they to tell us what we do with our money. The political parties let terrorists escape from under their noses while they are sniffing around peoples private lives. My question is isint a person allowed to live the life as he wants?

Coming back to the attacks it was done on the pretext of protecting the tradition but there is no manuscript or transcript in the tradition which justifies such man-handling and physical abuse of women. An prominent minister even came out and said that the youth should stop indulging in Love marriages and follow the traditional arranged marriage system.

The time has come when the Indian youth should stand up and raise its voice. India's democracy is dying. If we are not to do anything now it will be too late to undo the damage. The politicians need to be shown their limits and Lines need to be drawn. Traditional beliefs and practices have been the shackles for India's growth for quite a while. So is int it high time that we start breaking the barriers and at least stop the corrupt, hypocrite politicians from deciding how we choose to live our lives?

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